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Q1. What happens if the weight of the parcel is above the stated weight?

We will ask you to pay for the difference. We will not dispatch your courier until the payment is cleared. Our highly motivated workforce is totally committed in providing efficient and reliable services backed with quality & professionalism. We are open 24 hours to take your orders.

Q2. What happens if the weight is less?

We will issue a refund.

Q3. What is volumetric weight?

Length (cm)X width(cm) X height(cm) /5000= Kg

Q4. What is Actual weight?

The weight you see on the weighing scale

Q5. What weight do you consider?

Actual weight and volumetric weight may differ. Charges will be made for the heavier of these weights.

Q6. When will I be charged volumetric weight for the courier?

Sometimes, large items with a light overall weight can be charged according to the space they take up on the vehicle. In these cases, Volumetric Weight is used to calculate the shipment cost for the courier service.

Q7. What happens if I don't know the exact weight and dimensions of my courier?

All the parcels are measured electronically in the respective ware house. You can do the booking with the approximate weight. Once we know the exact weight we can charge you on your card

Q8. What is the maximum weight of one item in courier mode?

The maximum weight of any one parcel cannot exceed 30kgs for the courier mode, if the parcel weighs more please split it to more parcels not exceeding 30kgs each or if you need help call us.

Q9. Who will collect my courier consignment?

All the collections are done by respective courier companies and their partners

Q10. How long will it take you to arrange for the courier collection

Depending on your booking time, service you opt for and postcode collections can be done within 4 to 9 hours window.

Q11. If I missed the courier collection do I need to pay for the courier collection charges again?

Yes, you need to pay for the courier collection charges again.

Q12. What happens if I am not available at the time of courier collection?

You can reschedule the courier collection but unfortunately you incur courier collection charges again.

Q13. Does the driver call me if the courier collection fails?

No, drivers don't carry any mobile phones with them. If you have any special requests for courier collections like you are living in flats, shared office etc. please let us know in advance to have a smooth courier collection.

Q14. What do I do if the collection doesn't take place?

Occasionally we may have difficulties assigning a courier for your collection on the specified day - this may be due to adverse traffic conditions or a high volume of collections. In these instances, please contact our customer service, who will rebook the collection for you.

Q15. Do you only collect boxes?

We can collect boxes, suitcases, letters, jiffy bags and any other items which are properly packed and easy to carry.

Q16. Which countries does your courier service cover?

Track Express Limited., delivers to 238 countries abroad and has tied up with leading courier companies in their respective countries to ensure safe and quick delivery of your courier consignments.

Q17. Can I track my courier which I have sent via Track Express Limited.?

Yes you can check directly on the carrier's website through our tracking section

Q18. Will I have to pay customs charges when I send a courier package?

This depends on the destination and items you send through our courier service. If the items incur customs duty, customs or our clearing agent will contact you directly. If you have any doubts about restricted items please contact us.

Q19. Will customs open my courier consignment?

Yes, customs have authority to open the courier consignment.

Q20. I am sending a suitcase, can I lock the suitcase?

No, you are not allowed to lock the suitcase, please be aware that you are not travelling with your luggage so customs or airport security has every right to open the suitcase if they want to do it.

Q21. Why your price doesn't include customs duty?

As our door-to-door service, doesn't include the cost of paying taxes to Customs. It's very difficult to know what the Duty payment will be as we ship to 228 countries, each with different Duty regulations.

Q22. What happens if I don't include customs invoice with my shipment?

If you are sending international shipments you need to remember that if you don't take the time to include the proper invoices then your shipment could be held in customs or the person you are sending to may be charged too much Duty and VAT.